Industrial Sector

Training Courses

Forklifts & lift Trucks


Machine GroupMachine Type
A3Pedestrian Counterbalance (Stand on Forklift Truck)
B1 B2 B3 B4Counterbalance up to and including 50,000 Kgs (All Sizes)
C1 C2 C3Side Loader up to and including 50,000 Kgs (All Sizes)
D1 D2 D3Reach Truck Over (up to & Over 8 Meter Lift) including stand on reach
J1 J2 J3 J4Straight Mast Lift truck & Telescopic Mast lift Truck, Rough Terrain & Industrial Tele-truck
M1 M2 M3Multi-Directional Side, Reach, Counterbalance Lift Trucks (Combi-Lift)
P1Pivot Steer Trucks: Bendi/Flexi/Aisle-Master
T1Transportable Lift Truck (Moffett Mounty) Lorry Mounted Lift truck
1 Day Bolt OnBattery Care & Maintenance
L.P.G. (Liquid Petroleum Gas) Shell Gas Approved Refilling


Warehouse Order Picking Trucks


Machine GroupMachine Type
A1 A2Pedestrian & Rider Low Lift Order Picking Trucks (LLOP)
E1 E2Medium & High-Level Order Picking Trucks (MLOP) (HLOP)
F1 F2Very Narrow Aisle, Man Up & Man Down Tri Lateral Stacker (VNA) + Rope Evacuation
Guide by Wire & Guide by Rail including free roaming Covered
S3Vertical Stock Picker (Bravi Caddy, Crown Wave)


Pallet Trucks: Powered, Manual, & Semi Manual


Machine GroupMachine Type
A1 A2Pedestrian & Rider Low Lift Order Picking Trucks (LLOP)
A3Pedestrian Counterbalance (Stand on Forklift Truck)
A4 A5 A6Pedestrian & Rider Pallet Stackers, Straddle Stackers
Z1 Z2Pedestrian Manual & Semi-Manual Pallet and Platform truck (Pump Truck)
Z3 Z4Pedestrian Manual & Semi-Manual Pallet/Straddle stacker


Tow Tractor & Trailers Including On-Site Shunter Units


Machine GroupMachine Type
H1 H2Tow Tractor & Multiple Trailer/s
H3Tow Tractor over 30,000Kg Drawbar Pull
Tractor & Bowser (Bowser = Water & Fuel)
Douglas Tug Master with Hydraulic 5th Wheel Covered


Lorry Mounted & LGV Lorry Related


Machine GroupMachine Type
R5Lorry Mounted Crane
(HIAB) Remote Control Included when necessary
R8Slinging & Signalling
S2Vehicle & Mechanical Handling Equipment Banksman (Vehicle Banksman)
S5Rigid Vehicle Shunter
S6Articulated Vehicle Shunter
T1Transportable Lift Truck (Moffett Mounty) Lorry Mounted Lift truck
Flatbed Loading & Securing also known as Loading & Lashing


Crane Training


Machine GroupMachine Type
R0Manual Swing Lift (A Frame)
R1 R2Pendant & Remote-Controlled Overhead Crane (OHC)
R3Cab Controlled Overhead Crane (OHC)
R4Jib Controlled Crane
R5Lorry Mounted Crane (HIAB)
Remote Control Included when necessary
R8Slinging & Signalling


Mobile Elevated Work platform (MEWP)


Machine GroupMachine Type
1AStatic Vertical - Driven into position and cannot drive when elevated (MEWP)
1BStatic Boom - Trailer mount, Van mount, Lorry mount, & Spider lift (MEWP)
3AMobile Vertical – Drives when Elevated (Scissor Lift) (MEWP)
3BMobile Boom - Drives when Elevated (Cherry Picker) (MEWP)


Attachment Training


Attachment Type
Semi/Manual Quick Hitch Buckets & Forks
Lifting Jibs Including Hooks & Chains
Barrel Clamps
Man-Up Cages
Extending Forks
Clamping Forks
Coiled Steel Lifters


A Guide to Course Durations


Type of CourseOperator QuantityDays Required
Operator has never operated/used Mobile Plant Machinery
1 Operator3 Days
2 Operators4 Days
3 Operators5 Days
Experienced Operator:
Operator has used before but not formally trained
1 Operator2 Days
2 Operators3 Days
3 Operators3 - 4 Days
Refresher Training:
Previously trained operators, Certification renewal
1 Operator1 Day
2 Operators1 Day
3 Operators1 Day
Conversion Training:
Qualified Operators needing to operate another machine
1 Operator1 - 2 Days
2 Operators1 - 2 Days
3 Operators1 - 2 Days
Familiarisation Training:
Qualified Operators to understand a different Manufactures Machine but certified with that machine type.
Up to 8 Operators1 Day
The above is only a guide or an overview on how long training roughly takes. Please be aware that shift work and extended days will possibly shorten the course (additional charges may apply) and always be mindful that terminology of the type of machine may not always be correct which can adjust the course duration. If in doubt about course durations and machine types then please phone our office to get the correct information and we will help you book up the course that exactly meets your requirement’s.

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